About Hams

Hams is a leading company in the interior design industry, we are experts in the field of Interior design and provide our customers with the best solutions and design ideas through our team of creative designers. In Hams, we realize the importance of accommodating our customers’ needs and providing them with detailed and accurate service at a high level.

Our vision

Our goal in Hams is not only to create a design that speaks for itself but also about the person who chooses it.We take close steps towards achieving our goals, leaving our own personal integrity to distinguish our designs from others and building bridges of mutual trust with our customers.

Unique and exceptional interior design

Philosophy of work

Content and attention to detail: Since the main criterion for the success of design is the satisfaction of the use combined with aesthetic appearance to show its implications, our mission is to provide customers with the best combination between beauty and quality in design and professionalism in execution with attention to detail.


Mechanism of work on the project in Hams

1-Defining the starting point :

We usually meet customers to find out their requirements and identify the style of design they prefer and the initial design implications that they look forward to.

2-Submitting preliminary proposals :

after reviewing the requirements of the customer and carefully studying the design, our team provides preliminary design proposals which may include :

1.Architectural Plan

 The work during the preparation of the internal design proposal may require some modifications to the architectural plan, which the designer believes will provide greater benefit to the place, both functional and aesthetic, and will always be of no harm on the construction blocks of the building.

2.Furniture Plan

Which initially clear the furniture distribution, the fit size for space and decorative walls, taking into account the necessary study of motion paths, which are prepared carefully to ensure freedom of movement inside a smooth place.

3-Development of  designed proposals:

Following the adoption of the initial proposals, Hams team works on developing these proposals and intensifying the work on the details and preparing the designs in a three-dimensional format, which allows the customer to see the design as close as possible to what will be implemented.

4-Preparing the implementation plans :

   This stage starts after the client has adopted the developed proposals as we prepare a set of integrated implementation plans which includes all the details required for the implementation process, including the description of the materials used and the suppliers in the market.

    5-Implementation and supervision :

In Hams our mission is not limited to the delivery of the project designs and the executive plans to the client and to ensure his full acceptance, but to our utmost desire to ensure the implementation of the designs at the highest level of accuracy and in order for us to get the client the impressive results that he aspires in hid design, we offer implementation service carried out by cadres of professional technicians with experience and high skill in the implementation of various internal design and under the supervision of our engineers with long experience in the implementation and supervision until the project is delivered in the best form.


Our Team

 Hams  has a unique and distinguished team of interior designers, architects and professionals who are competent, experienced and constantly acquainted with interior design updates, which enables them to offer creative and varied ideas that suit the wishes and aspirations of our customers.

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