Bedroom interior design

The bedroom is one of the most dynamic places at home that needs attention and demands a design that guarantees your freedom of movement and provides an adequate comfort, functionality and relaxation. So, Hams designers will help you achieve this balance between beauty and functionality through a variety of creative and unique designs that will make to meet our clients ‘ tastes and increase their admiration

Living room interior design

The living room is the most accessible at home where family members meet to talk and chitchat, therefore it was necessary that our clients enjoy peace and quietness they deserve and enjoy its beauty and colors, Our designers will help you create this wonderful environment in your living room, which will warm and calm and relaxing through innovative and diverse designs that will be provided for you

Sitting Areas Interior Design

The sitting area is one of the main areas we pay great attention to its design and show better and finer details, So Hams designers will provide you with a range of unique and varied sitting areas and designs which will touch your greatest aspirations. We will create for you Great design environment characterized by beauty, harmony and welcoming atmosphere that your guests will feel once they get to it.

Entrance interior design

Entrance is the home title reflecting his majesty, so great attention is paid to its design to show it in gorgeous shape even if it is small size. Hams designers pay special attention to entrance designs due to its relevance and impact on the feelings of all who pass through it, either from family members or visitors, friends and relatives.

Kids bedroom interior design

Hams offers you the most beautiful and newest designs in the world of children’s bedrooms which always takes into account the diversity in using appropriate color which add feelings of joy and happiness on the room which in turn reflects the feelings and emotions of our children and help them grow in a supportive environment meeting their age demands

Dining room interior design

The dining room should involve factors of comfort and beauty to meet its needs as a meeting place for family members, friends and relatives. We take over that through the selection of appropriate furniture for space, keeping in mind its dimensions and the required motion paths. We will provide you with the best dining room designs that will give your home a special and unique corner where you enjoy elegance, beauty and hospitality.

Dressing room interior design

Our designers will help you design the best dressing rooms your choose a bookcase that is best suited to your available space with the necessary motion paths and study the form appropriate lights and colors to get the dressing room comfortable and practical in use and also the most beautiful that give aesthetic touch at home.

Bathroom interior design

Bathrooms are major part of home interior design and it should be designed magnificently to match the taste of its owner so that we use the latest advances in bathroom design finishing materials, sanitary blocks, lighting and accessories, Hams designers are going to provide you with optimal design to your own bathroom to look prettiest and most recent

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